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Copyright, 1920, by The New York Times Company.
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December 25, 1920; page 9


Judge Preparing Bill to Punish Those Who Libel Jews and Other Denominations.


Contrasts Treatment of Jews in America With That of "Benighted" European Countries.

Judge Otto A. Rosalsky told a delegation of the Daughters of Jacob, who presented him yesterday with a judicial robe, that he was preparing a bill to bring to court those "who persist in libelling not only Jews but every other denomination." Judge Rosalsky assailed Henry Ford for his alleged anti-Semetic utternances, characterizing him as "the greatest menace to American institutions."

"The anti-Semetism which now pervades throughout the world is an attack by the unthinking" said Judge Rosalsky, but America has been awakened to its duty, and the great men of this country now realize that it is their duty to stem the tide. A man like Ford is the greatest menace to American institutions; first because he is an ignorant man; secondly, because he uses his wealth improperly, and, third, he is not inspired with the teachings and lessons of Americanism. During the war his son escaped from performing his duty toward our country, whereas the records show that the Jews have contributed more than their allotment.

"The history of the Jew throughout the world is that when you give him an opportunity to dwell in freedom he is not a destroyer. He is a builder, and the records of our institutions demonstrate that whenever the Jew has been given his freedom and enjoyed justice and opportunity, he has been responsible for making substantial contributions to our civilization. In my years I have never differentiated between the Jew and Gentile. They are all alike.

"The Jews of America, the Jews of England and in whatever country they dwell, whereever they enjoy freedom, or even where they are subjected to persecution, have been faithful to their respective countries. I have no fear of the future of the Jew of America or England. I have great fears as to the future of the Jews in some of the benighted lands of Europe. Therefore, we know hot to contrast benighted institutions with American institutions. We Jews who have been subjected to tyranny and massacre, and who have tasted from the bitter cup of cruelty and intolerance, know what it means to appreciate the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

"Therefore I say that inasmuch as the people of America here today have awakened from their lethargy, and are now taking the initiative in responding to the outrageous and unwarranted attacks made by Ford and others of that type, they should drive him and his followers into obscurity, but I do think that in order to make Ford and others answerable for their conduct it will be necessary to secure additional laws, and I am now engaged in the preparation of a law which will bring Ford and others to court if they should persist in libeling Jews, not only Jews, but every other denomination."

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