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December 24, 1920; page 4


Declares in Chicago Speech That It Is Equaled Only By Munchausen Tales.


Anti-Semitism Has No Place Here, He Says In Discussing Articles in Ford's Paper.

CHICAGO, Dec. 23.--The alleged protocols of the "Wise Men of Zion," printed in Henry Ford's Dearborn Independent, have their only counterpart in literature in the fanciful tales of Baron Munchausen, ex-President Taft declared tonight in an address on anti-Semitism before the Anti-Defamation League, founded by the B'nai B'rith.

"One of the chief causes of suffering and evil in the world today is race hatred and any man who stimulates that hatred has much to answer for," Mr. Taft said. "When he does this by the circulation of unfounded and unjust charges and the arousing of mean and groundless fears, his fault is more to be condemned.

"How much of the article is due to Mr. Ford's initiative and how much he has yielded to the representations of others in consenting to its publication, one cannot say. But of course he is responsible for the effect."

Discussing the charge, based on the alleged protocols, of a Jewish conspiracy for world domination through Jewish International bankers Mr. taft continued:

"No instance of the exercise of this world controlling power is cited as proof. The conclusion of the author rests on his own assertion and the further comprehensive and entirely satisfying assurance that 'everybody knows it.'

"If it be true that the international bankers and capitalists are Jews alone, if it be true that they wield a world power that controls Governments and nations and wars and peace and economic law, can the author of these articles in The Dearborn Independent explain why it is that now more than half of the 13,000,000 Jews in the world are still suffering not only persecution and oppression, but the bitterest penury and starvation?

"The tales of Baron Munchausen are the only things in literature that should be classed with these protocols, for they are not more preposterous. There is not the slightest ground for anti-Semitism among us. It has no place in free America."

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