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December 6, 1920; page 10


Calls It Menace to American Democracy and to Christian Civilization Itself.


Resents Propaganda Blaming Jews for International Socialism and Bolshevism.

The anti-Semitic movement in Great Britain and the United States was denounced by John Spargo in an address on "Anti-Semitism, a Menace to America," before the Brooklyn Civic Forum in Public School 84, Glenmore and Stone Avenues, last night. Mr. Spargo said this movement was not a menace to the Jew alone, but a menace to American democracy and a menace to Christian civilization itself.

Mr. Spargo said that anti-Semitic propganda had tried to make it appear that the Jews were responsible for the international Socialist movement and for Bolshevism, both of which he denied.

"With this sort of propaganda those interested in the anti-Semitic movement hope to turn the rest of the world against the Jews," he said. "As a Socialist, I resent the charge that we have consciously or unconsciously been the dupes of any conspiracy for the creation of any Jewish dictatorship."

The anti-Semitic movement has gained headway in England and is even entrenched in the lobby of the House of Commons, Mr. Spargo said. He said he did not believe it existed in this country until he returned several weeks ago and found a copy of Henry Ford's Dearborn Independent on his desk. He attacked Mr. Ford for intolerance and said he was the "tool" in this matter of men more able than himself.

"I am not defending the Jew," Mr. Spargo said. "I would not insult the Jew by assuming that he needs a *demended. Anti-Semitism must not succeed. We shall fight it until we have beaten it to its knees. We shall fight it, not for the Jew, but for America and America's value to the civilization of mankind."

*Stock Maven® editor note: "demended" was probably a typographical error meant to read "defence" or "defender".

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