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Copyright, 1921, by The New York Times Company.
Unedited Full Text. Used by permission.

December 5, 1921; page 33


Declares Muscle Shoals Talk Egotistic, Ignorant, Bigoted and Impudent.


Ford, Lawyer Says, Has Made Fiasco of "Peace Before Christmas" Jew-Baiting and Politics.

Samuel Untermyer offered these remarks yesterday on Henry Ford's plan, published in Sunday's Times, for financing the Muscle Shoals project as a demonstration of how to put an end to war:

"I have long leaned to the charitable point of view that Ford's great money success has driven him crazy, but I never believed that even an impaired mind could harber such a combination of unbounded egotism, ignorance, bigotry and impudence as is disclosed by this latest piece of sensationalism.

"His world-wide announcement that he had started in November, 1913, to get the boys ouf of the trenches by Christmas was a mere bagatelle alongside of it. I hever knew of so many exploded, financial and economic fallacies compressed into a single interview. It has always been the last desperate resort of every hopelessly bankrupt nation to force its people to take worthless paper currency. The Confederate Government did it. Austria, Germany, Poland and the other bankrupt nations are busy at it now, with the result that their worthless currency will not buy the necessaries of life and their unfortunate people are either dying of starvation or on the verge. They know better, but at least they have no alternative.

"The suggestion of this madhatter, who thinks that because he can make cheap automobiles he alone possesses the statesmanship and financial genius to rule the world, that our prosperous country with the highest credit of any nation on earth should destroy ourselves, ought to open the eyes of the people to the sort of proposition with which they are dealing.

"Having put his collosal egotism up against all civilizations on war, having next gone into the Jew-baiting business, and then into politics, in all of which he has proven a dismal failure, he now tries to create social unrest by his latest bizarre excrescence on world finance.

"The man is so densely ignorant on every subject except automobiles and so blinded by a depth of bigotry that belongs to the dark ages from which he has not yet emerged, that he is fool enough to publicly exploit this madhouse bug of his about the international bankers owning the gold of the world. He imagines that the great international bankers of the world are Jews, which is not true, and has not been true for fifty years or more. It so happens that there are no Jews in such great banking houses as J.P. Morgan & Co., Lee Higginson & Co., or in the great English houses.

"But the idea that the bankers have anything to do with wars is the verlest bosh. The way we raised $22,000,000,000 direct from the people, and the way England, France and Germany raised their vast sums, proves what bosh it is. Why can't the people realize that a cheap, petty, ignorant man who has grown rich can get just as crazy as any poor devil of an inmate of a lunatic asylum? The only difference is that the one is locked up for the public safety, while the other is permitted to roam at large to the great peril of the public."

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