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October 18, 1920; page 14


Henry Ford Assailed in Two Sermons for His Recent Attack.

Two clergymen of this city in sermons yesterday, took Henry Ford to task for his opinions about the Jews, recently published in his magazine.

The Rev. Charles Francis McKoy, paster of the Greene Avenue Baptist Church, Brooklyn, said Henry Ford did not represent the Christian sentiment of America. "If he did, I should be heartily ashamed of my brethren," said Mr. McKoy.

The Rev. John Haynes Holmes at the Community Church, Lyric Theatre, said the Jews were among the noblest of all the peoples of the world. "Now, like a bolt from out of the blue, comes the declaration by Mr. Ford and his associates of hatred for the Jew," said Mr. Holmes. "Hatred is abroad in the world as never before," he added.

Resolutions condemning Henry Ford for the publication in the Dearborn Independent recently of articles considered detrimental to the Jewish race and the welfare of the United States, were adopted yesterday afternoon by more than a thousand members of the United Hebrew Brothers, from all parts of New Jersey and New York, who attended a meeting at the Harlem Casino, 92 West 116th Street. A committee of five was appointed to present copies of the resolution to the President and to both branches of Congress.

At the morning session a memorial service for Jacob H. Schiff was held. Meyer Greenberg was re-elected Grand Master of the order.

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