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Copyright, 1921, by The New York Times Company.
Unedited Full Text. Used by permission.

May 9, 1921; page 11


Anti-Semitism Denounced as Un-american by Samuel Dorf--Order to Adopt War Orphans.

Special to The New York Times.
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J., May 8,-At the opening session of the annual convention of the United States Grand Lodge, Order of B'rith Abraham, a vigorous attack on Henry Ford was made by Samuel Dorf, of New York City, Grand Master, who has been at the head of the organization for thirty years.

"It is amazing," said Mr. Dorf, "that in this country, where our national boast and one of the strongest pillars of our national foundation is civil and religious liberty, safeguarded by Constitutional guarantees, there should be persons engaging in the work of spreading the poison of anti-Semitism.

"Those who would array the people of one religious faith against those of another and attempt to inject class antagonism are unworthy of the name of Americans. In fact, the libelors and defamers of our race have violated the best cherished and holiest traditions of the American nation."

The convention will be called upon to adopt various resolutions with respect to the attacks of Henry Ford and several publications.

Mr. Dorf recommended in his annual report that the order raise a fund of $50,000 by percapita assessment of the members to adopt 100 Jewish war orphans. These children will be sheltered, clothed and brought up in the orthodox Jewish faith in their own countries in Europe.

Mr. Dorf also made a plea for a reformation of the organization in order that the younger element may be admitted to membership and also that provision be made for children. The motto for this drive will be: "What's Good for My Dad is Good for me." In recognition of his thirtieth anniversary in the Presiding Chair, Mr. Dorf was the recipient of a silver service.

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