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Copyright, 1921, by The New York Times Company.
Unedited Full Text. Used by permission.

New York Times March 2, 1921; page 3


Declares That "Protocols" Were Offered to Its Members for Suppression.


Insulting Reply Received by Protesters From Ford Publication, Says Report.

The American Jewish Committee in its report for 1920, made public last night, devotes its major attention to recent anti-Jewish propaganda in various parts of the world, with especial reference to Henry Ford and his Dearborn Independent.

Referring to "the spurious protocols of the Wise Men of Zion," the report says that the committee had been aware of the existence of this document for some time before its publication in England.

"It was offered to some members of the committee in expectation that they would pay for its suppression," says the report. "In February, 1920, the document was published in England anonymously under the title 'The Jewish Peril,' and similar editions appeared in Germany, France, Italy, Denmark and Spain. In spite of the fact that authorities on Russian history and literature have clearly shown that the protocols are flagrant fabrications invented for counter- revolutionary propaganda in Russia and that they were recently employed by officers of General Denikine to stigmatize the Bolshevist revolution as a purely Jewish movement, an elaborate edition of this forgery appeared recently in the United States. Copies of it were anonymously circulated among members of Congress, publications, Christian ministers and men otherwise prominent in public life."

After telling of the appearance of a series of articles based on the "forged protocols," the report says that Louis Marshall, President of the committee telegraphed a protest to Mr. Ford and received an insulting reply from the Dearborn Publishing Company.

The report then turns to an account of how The London Morning Post published a series of anonymous articles under the title "The Cause of the World Unrest," which sought to link the Jews with the Freemasons in a world-wide conspiracy against Christian civilization, how they were denied by "the most competent authorities on Freemasonary," yet how they were reprinted in book form in England and subsequently appeared in book form in this country from the press of G.P. Putnam & Sons with an introduction by the editor of The London Morning Post and an announcement that the protocols would be published shortly.

"On Oct. 13," the report continues, "Mr. Marshall wrote to Major George Haven Putnam, head of the publishing firm, protesting in strong terms against these publications, and expressing his shock that the honored name of the Putnam firm should be made the vehicle of disseminating among the American people these outpourings of malice, intolerance and hatred, this witches broth of virulent poison."

"On Oct. 15 Major Putnam wrote a long and equiviocating letter to Mr. Marshall. 'It is evident,' he said, 'that the document has no voucher for authenticity, and it is quite possible that it will be found to possess no historic importance.' Further on, however he said that the books did not accuse the whole Jewish race of a conspiracy, but only those elements who were pro-Bolshevist, and to whom the Jews as well as the Christians should be opposed. In reply to this letter Mr. Marshall denied the accusation that the Jews are in preponderance in the Bolshevist movement. 'To say,' wrote Mr. Marshall, 'that Bolshevism is a Jewish movement is as ridiculous as to say that the Jews are responsible for capitalism or because there are Jewish musicians, actors and poets, that music, the drama and poetry are Jewish movements.' On Nov. 1 Major Putnam wrote to Mr. Marshall that his frim had decided not to publish the Protocols. * * *

"In the meantime the committee has been studying the problem and tracing the origin of the Protocols and the use that had been made of them in the various countries. A well-known writer was encouraged to prepare a book to serve as a reasoned and conclusive answer to these slanders. The manuscript of this book is now practically complete and its publication is expected within a few weeks."

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