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BMW Group
Country: Germany
Exchange: Xetra
BBC News | Americas | German firms face slave labour case
Volkswagen is one of the companies named in lawsuits filed in the US by Holocaust survivors who say they were used as slave labour. One survivor, Elly Gross, said she was separated from her family at Auschwitz, where her mother and brother died, and taken to work at a VW factory. She said: "Auschwitz was the hell. The factory where I worked was the skirt of the hell."
Tuesday, 1 September, 1998
Company names appearing in this article are:
  • Audi AG (a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG) (Germany)
  • BMW AG (BMW Group) (Germany)
  • Daimler-Benz (now Daimler AG) (Germany)
  • Diehl (now Diehl Stiftung & Co. (Germany)
  • Krupp-Hoesch (ThyssenKrupp AG) (Germany)
  • Leica Camera AG (Germany)
  • MAN Group (predecessor GHH Fahrzeuge GmbH, Oberhausen) MAN Group sold off GHH Fahrzeuge GmbH, Oberhausen. Shares of company taken over by Schmidt, Kranz & Co. (Germany)
  • Siemens AG (Germany)
  • Volkswagen AG (Germany)
Borders Group, Inc.
AJC Ad Calls On Booksellers to Stop Marketing Notorious Anti-Semitic Forgery
April 18, 2000
The American Jewish Committee
- NEW YORK -- The American Jewish Committee, in a New York Times ad today, criticizes major booksellers for selling the notorious anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and urges them to not market hate material.

"By peddling the Protocols, and Barnes & Noble are saying, in effect, that this is just another book another valid competitor in the marketplace of ideas. That's what hate groups want you to believe. But ethically and factually - even in their distortion of constitutional principles, they're wrong," says the American Jewish Committee in the ad that appears on the op-ed page of the Times.

JC points out in the ad that the Protocols is "the most bloodstained volume in modern history," having inspired the destruction of European Jewry and become a staple of hate groups around the world.

The main U.S. publishers of the Protocols editions offered by these booksellers are Noontide Press - once linked to the racist and anti-Semitic Liberty Lobby and now the printing arm of the so-called Institute for Historical Review, the main organ of Holocaust denial worldwide - and Book Tree Press, supplier of an array of extremist materials.

"Reputable booksellers exercise discretion in what to place on their shelves, real or virtual," says AJC. "By abandoning that discretion,, Barnes & Noble, and other book marketers, such as Borders and, reward hate publishers and validate their contemptible product."

"Every volume sold, on-line and in the book superstores, helps these publishers propagate hate," states the AJC ad. "Hate doesn't need the help, and major corporations shouldn't provide it."

AJC also points out that adding "warning labels" on the booksellers' web site pages featuring the Protocols "does not free them from responsibility for marketing hate."

Today's ad comes four weeks after AJC President Bruce M. Ramer and Executive Director David A. Harris wrote letters to the CEOs of, Barnes & Noble, and Borders, urging them to stop offering the Protocols for sale.

Company names appearing in this article are:
  • (USA)
  •, Inc. (USA)
  • Barnes & Noble, Inc. (USA)
  • Borders Group, Inc. (USA)

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