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ABB, Ltd.
BBC News | EUROPE | Swiss come clean on Nazi dealings
Swiss businesses were making use of slave labour, mostly imported by the Nazis from eastern Europe, in their German subsidiary companies. The research was carried out by an independent commission led by Swiss historian Jean Francois Bergier, mandated by parliament to shed light on the country's past.
The report says that companies like AIAG and BBC, which supplied basic materials, as well as food giant Nestle, were aware that forced labour was being used in their German subsidiaries. "As a rule they were not worried or uneasy about the situation, and as long as production was maintained they had no thoughts of intervening in the management or personnel policy of their subsidiaries," says the report.
Thursday, 30 August, 2001
Company names appearing in this article are:
  • ABB Ltd. (Brown Boveri & Cie, AG ("BBC")
  • Algroup/Alusuisse Group AG (ALIG) previous to that known as Swiss Aluminium Industrie AG (AIAG), now owned by Alcan, Inc. (Canada)
  • Nestlé S.A. (Nestle) (Switzerland)
BBC News | EUROPE | Swiss firms meet slave labour deadline
Swiss firms have been complying with a Friday deadline set by a judge in the United States to declare whether or not they benefited from slave labour during World War II. It is now believed at least 11,000 slave labourers were employed by Swiss companies with affiliates in Nazi Germany.
Some of the companies using slave labour remain among the most famous in Switzerland - for example engineering firm Brown Boveri, or food giant Nestle, whose German affiliate Maggi replaced the swastika flying over its factory with the Swiss flag just hours before the arrival of allied forces in 1944.
Friday, 25 August, 2000
Company names appearing in this article are:
  • ABB Ltd. (Brown Boveri & Cie, AG ("BBC")
  • Nestlé S.A. (Nestle) (Switzerland)
IOM - Holocaust Victim Assets Programme
International Organization for Migration - Holocaust Victim Assets Programme
Slave Labour Class II List
Claimants who plausibly demonstrate that they performed slave labour for one or more of the companies on the Slave Labour Class II List are eligible for compensation.
Each company appearing on the list meets the following criteria:
  • (a) it timely identified itself to the Special Master as required by the Court's Order of 26 July 2000;
  • (b) it was Swiss-owned in whole or in part during the Nazi era; and
  • (c) it has provided the Special Master with names of persons believed possibly to have been slave labourers, or it has represented that such names are unavailable despite diligent investigation.
A company's appearance on the Slave Labour Class II List does not necessarily mean that it used slave labourers.
Slave Labour Class II List organized by parent company:
  • ABB Ltd. (Brown Boveri & Cie, AG (BBC), Germany; Österreichische Brown Boveri Werke, Vienna, Austria)
  • Albers & Co.
  • Algroup/Alusuisse Group AG (ALIG) previous to that known as Swiss Aluminium Industrie AG (AIAG), now owned by Alcan, Inc. as of year 2000 (Canada)
  • Bucher Industries
  • Bühler AG
  • Ciba Specialty Chemicals Holding Inc. (Ciba-Geigy Limited; Ciba AG; J.R. Geigy AG) Now Novartis AG (Switzerland)
  • Clariant AG Now Novartis AG (Switzerland)
  • Danzas Holding AG
  • GABA Holding (DOMA AG)
  • Georg Fischer AG
  • Hesta AG/Hesta Tex AG
  • Holderbank Financiére Glaris Ltd.
  • Lonza Group Ltd.
  • Nestlé S.A. (Switzerland)
  • Novartis AG (Sandoz AG; Ciba AG; J.R. Geigy AG, Durand Huguenin AG; Wander AG) (Switzerland)
  • Robt. Schwarzenbach & Co. AG
  • Roche Holding AG now known as Roche Group (Switzerland)
  • Schindler Holding Ltd. (Schindler Management Ltd.)
  • Sefar Holding, Inc.
  • Sihl AG
  • Sika Finanz AG
  • Stehli Seiden
  • Stromeyer & Co.
  • Sulzer AG (Gebrüder Sulzer)
  • Unaxis Holding AG (Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik Oerlikon AG)
  • Villiger Söhne Holding AG
  • Von Roll Holding Ltd. (Gesellschaft der Ludw. Von Roll'schen Eisenwerker AG
Allianz AG
Allianz and the German Insurance Business, 1933-1945
by Gerald Feldman
Pub. Date: October 2001, Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521809290
[PDF] Allianz and the German Insurance Business, 1933-1945
by Gerald D. Feldman.
Reviewed by Richard Deeg
Harvard Business School
Business History Review
Autumn 2002

*Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files. A free download may be found at
BBC NEWS | Business | Bertelsmann admits Nazi past
German book publishing giant admits it lied about its Nazi past, that it made big profits from the Third Reich and used Jewish slave labour.
Tuesday, 8 October, 2002, 06:33 GMT 07:33 UK
Company names appearing in this article are:
  • Bertelsmann (Bertelsmann AG Gensch) (Germany)
  • Deutsche Bank AG (Germany)
  • Dresdner Bank (now part of Allianz AG) (Germany)
  • Random House (now part of Bertelsmann AG Gensch) (Germany)
The Secret History of World War II
by Mark Fritz / Globe Staff / November 19, 2001
Company names appearing in this article are:
  • Allianz AG (Germany)
  • Assicurazioni Generali (Italy)
  • Daimler AG (Germany)
  • Deutsche Bank AG (Germany)
  • Ford Motor Company (USA)
  • IBM (International Business Machines) (USA)
  • Munich Re Group (Germany)
  • Royal Dutch Shell (Netherlands)
  • Siemens AG (Germany)
  • Swiss Reinsurance (Switzerland)
NARA - Holocaust-Era Assets - Turning History into Justice: Holocaust-Era Assets Records, Research, and Restitution
U.S. National Archives & Records Administration
War and Civilization Lecture University of North Carolina-Wilmington, North Carolina
April 19, 2001
Greg Bradsher
From the end of World War II until five years ago the Holocaust was primarily viewed as the greatest murder in history. And indeed it was. But since the spring of 1996 it has become ever more apparent that the Holocaust was also the greatest robbery in history. The Nazi-era witnessed the direct and indirect theft of well over $150 billion of tangible assets of victims of Nazi persecution.
Company names appearing in this article are:
  • Assicurazioni Generali (Italy)
  • Allianz AG (Germany)
  • Ford Motor Company (USA)
  • Nestlé S.A. (Nestle) (Switzerland)
BBC News | Europe | Volkswagen joins Holocaust fund
Compensation talks between German companies and Holocaust survivors are boosted as Volkswagen joins a special fund. Overworked and underfed, many of the workers died in the appalling conditions in hidden military complexes.
Sunday, 14 February, 1999
Company names appearing in this article are:
  • Deutsche Bank AG (Germany)
  • Dresdner Bank (now part of Allianz AG) (Germany)
  • Volkswagen AG (Germany)
BBC News | Europe | Dresdner Bank traded in Nazi gold - study
A study by a Holocaust research institute in Germany the Hannah Arendt Institute has concluded that one of the country's major banks, the Dresdner, traded in gold looted by the Nazis.
Thursday, 28 January, 1999
Company names appearing in this article are:
  • Dresdner Bank (now part of Allianz AG) (Germany)
NARA - Holocaust-Era Assets - Insurance in the National Socialist Period: Sources and Research Problems
U.S. National Archives & Records Administration
Gerald D. Feldman
December 1998
Among company names appearing in this article are:
  • Allianz AG (Germany)
  • Swiss Reinsurance (Switzerland)
NARA - Holocaust-Era Assets - Marta's List: The Pursuit of Holocaust Survivors' Lost Insurance Claims
U.S. National Archives & Records Administration
By Steven Sullivan
This Article appears in the July/August 1998 issue of Contingencies: American Academy of Actuaries
The Nazi solution was simple: Don't pay.
Letters on insurance company letterhead to the Third Reich that point to enthusiastic complicity in the denial of insurance proceeds to Jews.
Company names appearing in this article are:
  • Adriatica (now a subsidiary of Allianz AG) (Germany)
  • Basler Leben
  • Assicurazioni Generali (Italy)
  • Reunione Adriatica di Sicurth (now owned by Allianz AG) (Germany)
  • Winterthur (now owned by AXA) (Switzerland)
  • AXA (Switzerland)
SUMMARY REPORT to the NAIC Holocaust Insurance Issues Working Group
National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Insurance Commissioner, Washington State
Chair, NAIC Working Group on Holocaust & Insurance Issues
June 18, 1998
Company names appearing in this article are:
  • Allianz AG (Germany)
    Headquarters: Munich, Germany
    U.S. Subsidiaries: Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America, American Automobile Insurance Co., American Insurance Company, Associated Indemnity Corp., Chicago Insurance Company, Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. of Nebraska, Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. of Wisconsin, Interstate Indemnity Co., Jefferson Insurance Co. of New York, National Surety Corp., San Francisco Reinsurance Co., Warner Insurance Co., Allianz Insurance Company.
    Dr. Kurt Schmitt, head of Allianz, served as a Minister of Economics under Hitler in the 1930's. American archival documents show that Dr. Schmitt and Allianz (along with other German carriers) successfully pressed the Nazis to relieve them of payment of Jewish claims arising from Kristallnacht.
    Other archival documents suggest that Allianz and other German carriers independently expanded the scope of Nazi "racial laws" by systematically denying claims by Jews, canceling coverage for Jewish policyholders, and other business practices.

  • Assicurazioni Generali (Italy)
    Headquarters: Rome, Italy
    U.S. Subsidiaries: Business Men's Assurance Co. of America, Generali US Branch, Jones & Babson Inc., (In addition, Generali has U.S. investments in non-insurance businesses.)
    In 1938, the company was "Aryanized", and Generali became the main foreign insurer to operate in Nazi-occupied Europe. In fact, Generali assumed portfolios of several Czech carriers after the Munich agreement.
    After the war, Generali responded to claims from Holocaust victims by asserting that absence of records and nationalization of its assets by the Communists in Eastern Europe nullified its responsibilities for such claims.

  • Riunione Adriatica di Sicurta (now owned by Allianz AG) (Germany)
    Headquarters: Trieste, Italy
    U.S. Subsidiaries: Riunione is part of the Allianz group
    Adriatica asserts that all policy records from the era were destroyed near the end of the war.

  • Winterthur Group (now owned by AXA) (Switzerland)
    Headquarters: Winterthur, Switzerland
    U.S. Subsidiaries: Blue Ridge Insurance Company, General Casualty Company of Wisconsin, Regent Insurance Company, Republic Insurance Company, Southern Insurance Company, Unigard Indemnity Company, Vanguard Insurance Company, Winterthur Life Reinsurance Company, WINCORP Inc., Southern Fire & Casualty, WINCORP Inc.of California, Republic Vanguard Life Insurance Company, Chapparal Life Insurance Co., General Casualty of Illinois, General Financial Corp., Hoosier Insurance Co., Vanguard Underwriters, Compact Service Co., Allied Premium Finance, International Administrators, MassWest Financial Group, MassWest Insurance Co., Blue Ridge Indemnity Co., So. County Mutual Insurance Co., Republic Diversified Services, Insured Lloyds, Southern Insurance Co., Republic-Vanguard Insurance Co.
    There are assertions that Winterthur agents in Belgium sold special "two-payment" life policies to Jews. Many policyholders would have been sent to death camps before the second payment and the policies may have been voided. The company categorically denies this ever happened. The issue remains unresolved.
    The Simon Wiesenthal Center pressed Winterthur for examination of records and, subsequently, identified three policies paid out to the Nazis, one a 1924 policy estimated to be worth nearly 1,000,000 Swiss francs at current values.

  • Zurich Life (Zurich Financial Services) (Switzerland)
    Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland
    U.S. Subsidiaries: American Guarantee & Liability Insurance Co., American Zurich Insurance Co., Assurance Company of America, City Insurance Company, Colonial American Casualty & Surety Company, Empire Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Federal Kemper Life Assurance Co., Fidelity & Deposit Company of Maryland, Fidelity Life Association, Home Insurance Company, Kemper Investors Life Insurance Co., Maryland Casualty Co., Northern Insurance Company of New York, Universal Underwriters Insurance Co., U.S. International Reinsurance Co., ZC Insurance Company, Zurich Insurance Company, Zurich Insurance Co. U.S. Branch, Zurich Life Insurance Company of America, Zurich Reinsurance Centre Inc.
BBC News | Americas | Holocaust survivors accuse banks
Holocaust survivors have launched a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against two banks, Deutsche Bank and Dresdner Bank, accusing the institutes of laundering Jewish assets and possessions for the Nazis. One of the group, Michal Schonberger, 69, of Bayside, New York, said: "The SS robbed us of everything, even by pulling gold teeth, gold jewellery and gold coins from our live and dead bodies."
Thursday, 4 June, 1998
Company names appearing in this article are:
  • Deutsche Bank AG (Germany)
  • Dresdner Bank (now part of Allianz AG) (Germany)
BBC News | Americas | Holocaust survivors sue German banks
Holocaust survivors in the United States are sueing two German banks, Deutsche Bank and Dresdner Bank, they say appropriated assets belonging to the Jews during the Second World War.
The group's lawyer told a news conference in New York that the banks the Deutsche Bank and the Dresdner Bank had accepted and sold looted personal property, including the gold teeth of inmates of concentration camps.
Thursday, 4 June, 1998
Company names appearing in this article are:
  • Deutsche Bank AG (Germany)
  • Dresdner Bank (now part of Allianz AG) (Germany)

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