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Power, Ignorance, and Anti-Semitism:
Henry Ford and His War on Jews
by Jonathan R. Logsdon
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          Another agent employed by Ford was Stanley W Finch, a former aid to U.S. Attorney General George W. Wickersham. Finch first came to Liebold's attention when he claimed to have discovered that Jews were responsible for the abduction of women used in prostitution and burlesque. He was soon employed to study the shady operations of finance and "big money." Finch assembled a manuscript which linked powerful institutions, such as corporations and banks, through their directors, all of whom were Jews. Finch was eventually fired by Liebold for his expenses. He claimed, for example, that he needed an expensive fur coat to infiltrate the money-obsessed Jew he was investigating.48

         Equally bizarre was Lars Jacobsen, a German "secret agent" sent to Europe in an attempt to gain support for Ford's campaign from the ex-Kaiser. Jacobsen was convinced that he was involved in a serious "cloak and dagger" operation. On June 11, 1921, Jacobsen wrote to Liebold from Berlin: "I will ask you to use a great deal of care in communicating with me, and use all possible care that the letters are not intercepted, because while I dislike to think of myself as a coward, on the other hand I have no delusions about what the Jewish Revolutionary Party in Germany will do to me if they find me communicating with the Hohenzollerns on behalf of Mr. Ford in order to secure information that will show the Jews up. If that happens, I am certain that you will not hear from me any more...49

          One of Ford's agents, a Russian immigrant named Serge Rosdionov, went to Mongolia in an effort to find 13 additional Protocols "in the original Hebrew."50 Other agents worked closer to home, investigating, for example, whether Jewish Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis had a secret phone line to the White House through which he gave orders to the gravely ill President Wilson.51 Not suprisingly, both of these investigations turned up empty handed.

         Perhaps the most bizarre investigation (and that is saying a lot) was conducted years later by Ford himself. Ford was fascinated with a 1907 book entitled The Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth, or The First True Account of Lincoln's Assassination, Containing a Complete Confession by Booth Many Years After his Crime. Its author alleged that Booth had actually been hired by Vice President Andrew Johnson to assassinate Lincoln. After he committed the crime, Booth had fled to California and went by two possible names, John St. Helens or David E. George. A mummy in Tennessee, often used as a circus attraction, allegedly represented his true remains. Ford accepted this account, but believed that Jewish bankers were the ones actually behind the assassination plot. He became obsessed with this theory and traveled to 14 states in an effort to prove it.52 Needless to say, he also came up empty handed.

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