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MARGIN - borrowed money used to buy stock.

MARGIN CALL - when one whose stock(s) that had been bought on margin decline below a required level in relation to the investor's own equity interest in the stocks, the investor must provide additional funds to meet the margin requirements.

MARKET CAPITALIZATION - (Market Cap.) the price of a stock multiplied by the number of common shares outstanding.

  • SMALL CAP - market-capitalization of less than $1 billion.

  • MID CAP - market-capitalization from $1 billion to $5 billion.

  • LARGE CAP - market-capitalization of over $5 billion.

MARKET ORDER - when one puts in an order to either buy or sell at the current market price.

MERCHANDISE TRADE BALANCE - (aka BALANCE OF TRADE) the difference between the amount of goods that the U.S. imports and what the U.S. exports. Published by the Department of Commerce.

MONEY SUPPLY - the Federal Reserve's measurement of money outstanding. The Fed. is able to influence the increase or decrease in the size of the money supply. When money supply grows much faster that the overall economic growth, over a period of time, higher inflation rates often follow. If the supply of money grows too slowly, growth in the economy is inhibited.

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