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GENERALLY ACCEPTED ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLES - (GAAP) acceptable accounting principles used by U.S. companies determined by the Financial Accounting Standards Board.

GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT - (GDP) total value of goods and services produced in the U.S. Published by the Department of Commerce.

GROWTH STOCK - stocks of companies with less overall sensitivity to changes in the overall economy with more consistent growth over time.

HOUSING STARTS - the number of single or multi-family dwellings that have begun construction. Published by the Department of Commerce.

INFLATION - When the price level of goods or services has generally been rising. Inflation data is reported in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and in the Producer Price Index (PPI) by the Department of Labor. The opposite of inflation is referred to as Deflation.

INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING - (IPO) a first-time stock offering by a corporation.

INTANGIBLES - assets such as "goodwill", patents, and trademarks.

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