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(Chicago Tribune Foreign News Service)
Copyright, 1923, by The Chicago Tribune. Unedited Full Text.
Used by special permission and courtesy of  The Chicago Tribune

Chicago Daily Tribune March 8, 1923 Page 2.


Anti-Jewish Articles Circulate by Millions.

MUNICH, March 7--"Heinrich Ford of Detroit will have 100 per cent moral, support of Adolf Hittler's Deutschen Arbeiterpartel if he runs for President.

"I wish that I could send some of my shock troops to Chicago and other big American cities to help in the elections," the young leader of the Bavarian Fascisti party said grimly. "We look on Heinrich Ford as the leader of the growing Fascisti movement in America. We admire particularly his anti-Jewish policy which is the Bavarian Fascisti plaform. We have just had his anti-Jewish articles translated and published. The book is being circulated to millions throughout Germany."

"The International Jew."

The articles which Herr Hittler referred to evidently were from the Dearborn Independent. They have been published in two volumes by Hanimer-Verlag of Leipzip and are displayed in every bookshop in southern Germany. The title is "The International Jew," with Henry Ford's name on the front page as the author.

"It is not true that Mr. Ford is backing the Fascisti movement in Germany financially, " said Herr Hittler, but "Heinrich's" picture occupies the place of honor in Herr Hittler's sanctum."

If Mr. Ford is not the angel of Herr Hittler's Fascisti, in spite of story of the Bavarian government to the contrary, huge sums are coming from somewhere.

House Painter's Dream

The Bavarian Fascisti party offically known as the Deutschen Arbeiterpartel, apparently is made up of all the idlers and others with an adverturous heart in Munich and other Bavarian towns. It probably would have remained obscure, if hatred had not been stirred up again in Germany. The French occupation, however, has proved a boon for Herr Hittler, who is becoming a national hero, although actually he was a house painter from Vienna and a former Austrian citizen.

Herr Hittler's organization, which includes 5,000 shock troops uniformed in gray, is spreading by leaps and bounds throughout Germany. He has a large organization in Munich sending out Mr. Ford's books and other Bavarian Fascisti propaganda by the car loads.

The nationalist wave has put the movement on a much higher plane.

Why He Opposes Jews.

"We are against the Jews because they are responsible for internationalism, and we have already chased all Jews from Munich, except the more serious nationalistic Jews," Herr Hittler added.

"I wish to become a German citizen, but I do not intend to ask the Jewish government in Berlin for this favor.

"We are opposed to swarms of Americans and other foreigners raising prices throughout Germany while millions of Germans are starving because of the increased prices. We are equally opposed to German profiteers and we are demanding that all be imprisoned."

Against Ruhr Armies

The character of Herr Hittler's movement originally was socialistic and pacific, but the success which was brought by the nationalistic movement in Germany following the occupation has given it a strongly military character directed against France and Belgium.

Note: The spelling 'Hittler' is how it appeared in the above article.

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