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The Holocaust
Different Voices
Women and the Holocaust

Edited by Carol Rittner and John K. Roth
Pub. Date: February 1993, Publisher: Paragon House Publishers
ISBN: 155778504X
Different Voice is the most thoroughgoing examination of women's experiences of the Holocaust ever compiled. It gathers together—for the first time in a single volume—the latest insights of scholars, the powerful testimony of survivors, and the eloquent reflections of writers, theologians, and philosophers.

Part One, "Voices of Experience", recounts the painful and poignant stories of survivors, stories of resistance, compliance, medical experiments, all kinds of horror, and total vulnerability. Part Two, "Voices of Interpretation", offers the new insights of women scholars of the Holocaust, including evidence that the Nazis specifically preyed on women as the propagators of the Jewish race. In Part Three, "Voices of Reflection", women artists and intellectuals contemplate the Holocaust, even to the point of suggesting, through painstaking statistical evidence, that more Jewish women than Jewish men actually perished in the Holocaust.

Lyrical, vivid, and affecting, Different Voices is a powerful commemoration of the sufferings and the courage of Jewish women during the darkest years of the twentieth century. It is a compelling and essential contribution to our knowledge of the Holocaust.
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life - Before and During the Holocaust
Edited by Dr. Shmuel Spector and Dr. Geoffrey Wigoder
Pub. Date: June 2001, Publisher: New York University Press
ISBN: 0814793789
The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life before and during the Holocaust is published in conjunction with Yad Vashem and the Holocaust Remembrance Authority of Israel. The Encyclopedia represents the fruit of more than three decades of labor and stands as one of the most important and ambitious projects NYU Press has published. Nobel Peace Prize-winner Elie Wiesel contributed the foreword.

Today throughout much of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, only fragmentary remnants of once thriving Jewish communities can be found as evidence of more than two thousand years of vibrant Jewish presence among the nations of the world. These communities, many of them ancient, were systematically destroyed by Hitler's forces during the Holocaust. Yet each of their stories-from small village enclaves to large urban centers-is unique in its details and represents one of the countless intertwined threads that comprise the rich tapestry of Jewish history.

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life before and during the Holocaust captures these lost images. In three volumes, it chronicles the people, habits and customs of more than 6,500 Jewish communities that thrived during the early part of the twentieth century only to be changed irrevocably by the war. It clarifies precise locations of settlements based on documents and maps found in recently opened archives; it traces their development through history; it shares small details of everyday life-the culture, the politics, and the faith that inspired the people; and its photographs put faces on the immeasurable loss.

Based on decades of research at Yad Vashem and the work of over 80 international scholars. The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life before and during the Holocaust tells the story of thousands of Jewish communities in concise prose, illustrated with maps and poignant images of a world that can no longer be visited. The Encyclopedia was developed from primary source materials, much only recently uncovered, and features many never-before-published photographs from personal collections and historical archives. The Encyclopedia is a rich source of information for students, teachers, genealogists and anyone interested in the pageant of Jewish life through the ages.

Includes: cross-referencing, maps, chronology, glossary, and an index of comunities and personalities.
Fighting Back
A Memoir of Jewish Resistance in World War II

by Harold Werner
Edited by Mark Werner

Pub. Date: October 1992, Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 023107882X
More than a tale of survival, this is the extraordinary memoir of a survivor who outlasted Hitler's Holocaust not in a concentration camp, but in the woods of eastern Poland as a leader of successful Jewish resistance during the second World War. Written to dispel the myth of Jewish passivity, Harold Werner recounts his experiences as a member of a large Jewish partisan unit, which aggressively conducted military missions against the German army in occupied Poland. Not only is Fighting Back a way of understanding Jewish struggles against terrifying odds, it provides rare vignettes of life in the shtetl, or small town, before the Holocaust completely wiped them out. In describing his childhood years, Werner provides a flavor of that extinct society -- as rich in tradition, religion, and learning as it was poor in material possessions. 15 photos, 8 maps.
Fireflies in the Dark - The Story of Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and the Children of Terezin
by Susan Goldman Rubin
Pub. Date: May 2000, Publisher: Holiday House
ISBN: 082341681X
Ages 8-11 A nonfiction account of Terezin were a little known heroine, who tried valiantly to protect children from the horrors of the concentration camp. More than a biography of Dicker-Brandeis' life, it offers the facts about Adolf Hitler and his attempt to exterminate the Jews in all of Europe and continues with a picture of life inside Terezin. When families arrived at Terezin, children were separated from their parents, husbands from their wives. Dicker-Brandeis, herself a Jew and a prisoner, was separated from her husband and assigned to live with and supervise the Jewish children. Knowing how important it would be to create some optimism in a dismal situation, Dicker-Brandeis used art to assist the children in expressing their feelings as they coped with unbearable hunger, cold, isolation, and the fear of death. The book is illustrated with paintings and drawings that the children of Terezin created. "Of the 15,000 children who passed through Terezin, only 100 survived. But their artwork and writings live on as testimony to their lives and spirits."

The book includes a table of contents, an extensive reference list divided by categories of materials, and an index.
Flares of Memory
Stories of Childhood During the Holocaust

Edited by Anita Brostoff and Sheila Chamovitz
Pub. Date: September 2002, Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0195156277
Flares of Memory consists of over one hundred brief true stories that recreate the chaos and horror of the Holocaust. To help place these events in history, a timeline chronicles the rise of the Nazis, their campaign for control of Europe, the successive edicts that would annihilate millions, and maps of the Concentration Camps in Europe.

This book also includes poignant recollections of American liberators who were devastated by the horrors they discovered after the fall of the Nazis. Foreword by Professor Yaffa Eliach. This book will inspire your emotions and stay with you long after you finish its pages.

Compiled by the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh from interviews with local survivors and liberators.
FRIEDL DICKER-BRANDEIS Vienna 1898-Auschwitz 1944
by Elena Makarova
Pub. Date: December 1999, Publisher: Tallfellow Press
ISBN: 0967606195
From Buchenwald to Carnegie Hall
by Marian Filar, Charles Patterson
Pub. Date: March 2002, Publisher: University Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 1578064198
Before the Nazis sent members of the Filar family to Treblinka, these were the last words Marian Filar's mother said to him. "I bless you. You'll survive this horror. You'll become a great pianist, and I'll be very proud of you." Born in 1917 into a musical Jewish family in Warsaw, Marian Filar began playing the piano when he was four. He performed his first public concert at the age of six. At twelve he played with the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and went on to study with the great polish pianist and teacher Zbigniew Drzewiecki at the State Conservatory of Music. After the German invasion, Filar fled to Lemberg (Lvov), where he continued his music studies until 1941, when he returned to his family in the Warsaw Ghetto. After liberation Filar was able to resume his career by studying with the renowned German pianist Walter Gieseking. In 1950 he immigrated to the United States and soon after was performing concerts with Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra. He made his Carnegie Hall debut on New Year's Day, 1952. He became head of the piano department at the Settlement Music School in Philadelphia and later a professor of music at Temple University, while continuing to perform in Europe, South America, Israel, and the United States. He does not end his story with the liberation but with his fulfillment of his mother's blessing.
From That Place and Time
A Memoir 1938 - 1947

by Lucy S. Dawidowicz
Pub. Date: February 1991, Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553352482
On August 10, 1938, Lucy Dawidowicz set sail from New York to Vilna, Poland, to study at the Yiddish Scientific Institute (YIVO). For a year she witnessed Poland's brutal anti-Semitism. She was then forced to flee Vilna, just a week before the German occupation. After the war she returned to work with Jewish survivors and to identify the remnants of the precious YIVO library of Vilna.

In this extraordinary memoir she brings to life the fabled city once called "the Jerusalem of Lithuania," and the rich and diverse culture that perished in the rubble of this ancient center of Rabbinic scholarship. It is both a brilliant evocation of a doomed golden era and the fascinating story of a campaign to reconstruct the past. An essential book that is a hallmark in the annals of the European Jewish experience.
Hana's Suitcase
by Karen Levine
Pub. Date: April 2002, Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company
ISBN: 189676455x
Hana's Suitcase is a true story that takes place on three continents over a period of almost seventy years. It brings together the experiences of a girl and her family in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s and 1940s and those of a young woman and a group of children in Tokyo, Japan, and a man in Toronto, Canada, in modern times.
Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust
by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen
Pub. Date: February 1997, Publisher: Random House, Inc.
ISBN: 0679772685
Holocaust Hero: The Untold Story and Vignettes of Solomon Schonfeld, an Extraodinary British Orthodox Rabbi Who Rescued Four Thousand During the Holocaust
by David Kranzler
Pub. Date: November 2003, Publisher: Ktav Publishing House
ISBN: 0881258008
One of the most remarkable, but unheralded heroes of the Holocaust was Solomon Schonfeld, a young British rabbi who personally rescued thousands of Jews during the tragic decade of 1938-1948. Rabbi of a small Orthodox congregation and pioneer of the day school movement in London, Schonfeld was inspired by his former teacher, Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandl, to get into rescue work. Under the auspices of the Religious Emergency Council, an organization he created with the approval of Chief Rabbi Joseph P. Hertz, his future father-in-law, this dynamic and charismatic personality, single–handedly brought to England, several thousand orthodox children, rabbis, teachers ritual slaughterers, and other religious functionaries. Schonfeld provided his “charges” with kosher homes, a Jewish education and jobs. He also created unique mobile synagogues to be the first to serve the spiritual and physical needs of the survivors in the liberated areas. He repeatedly urged the British government to bomb Auschwitz. This fascinating work consists of a biography with a focus on his rescue efforts, including his struggles with assimilationist Anglo-Jewish leadership, as well as a series of 40 vignettes by individuals rescued by this unheralded hero. Illustrated.
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