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Henry Ford page 10

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December 02, 1933

From ford1e.pdf file page 10:  View image

Germany has made recently secret arrangments with Japan in case of war with USA. She was promised from Japan the Philipine Islands and a part from Southern China. Germany agreed to organize air- and gas attacks on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and procure to Japan all naval and miltary intelligence in respect to USA

Hundreds of German spies are already working over all USA similar like the last war. These traitors are disguised as clerks shopkeepers businessmen etc

Some German spies are even working in the USA service.

Even the German prince hired by Henry Ford, belongs to the same crowd ...Henry Ford has also done in many respects enormous damage to the defense of the USA by promoting German- schemes newspapers and pro-german spies with lots of money. Many German spies are in direct service of Japan. So f. i. is the German consul in Vienna (text unclear) a German working officially in the building of the Jap Embassy

Germany has promised recently also to recognize Manchuria as an independant state.

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