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Henry Ford page 88

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August 23, 1933

From ford1d.pdf file page 88:  View image

Germany is supplying Japan with all kinds of military supplies and also kinds of chemicals for newly developed poison- gases.

At the same time Germany is assisting Japan in the investigation of the Pacific coasts

Recently German officers have photographed the "Presidio district" of San Francisco and never here more German spies in USA than at present. now engaged in work for Japan.

Germany has recently closed a secret military treaty with Japan and this treaty is directed against USA and Russia.

In any war against Japan the USA will be perfectly helpless against the new organisation of German spies in USA, which are already now supplying directly and indirectly Japan with all important military news, as until now it was very difficult for Japan to get such informations by their own staff.

Many of these Pro-Japanese Pro- German spies are members of the different pro German societies f.i. Friends of new Germany etc etc

These fellows are much more dangerous to USA than the worst Bolshevists... they do not only cause internal troubles, but a terrific damage to USA in the future wars with Japan.

The Junkers Werke in Dessau are now also working on a large order from Japan for a new Type of Stratosphreren Flieger. These type can carry bombs and is flying in heights of 24-30,000 feet and German-Americans connected with above mentioned pro German societies are financing this work.

Also Mr. Henry Ford has supplied to Hitler huge amounts, which are now used to damage the USA.

Moreover all secret activities of these German spies and of the pro German societies are again managed and financed by the German embassy in Washington exactly as it was the case before the year 1917.

In the Sunday Referee London of Aug 13th you will find an article refering to this matter.

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