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Voltaire, Ltd. (VOLT)
Delivering Scale-Out Data Center Fabrics

Voltaire delivers scale-out computing fabrics for data centers, high performance computing and cloud environments. Voltaire’s family of server and storage fabric switches and advanced management software improve performance of mission-critical applications, increase efficiency and reduce costs through infrastructure consolidation and lower power consumption.

Voltaire allows customers to choose the fabric that is right for them – InfiniBand or 10 Gb Ethernet – based on their application requirements and individual technology practices, without sacrificing scalability and performance.

Voltaire Scale-out InfiniBand

InfiniBand is a high performance, switched fabric interconnect standard for servers. The technology is widely deployed worldwide in server clusters ranging from two to thousands of nodes. InfiniBand has become the standard interconnect of choice for high performance computing (HPC) environments and is becoming the preferred standard in enterprise data centers requiring a high performance fabric.

Today, many high performance data centers take advantage of InfiniBand-based interconnect support incorporated into leading ISV applications and MPI-based applications. Voltaire InfiniBand interconnects eliminate I/O bottlenecks, allowing these HPC applications to run faster and more efficiently.

Voltaire Scale-out Ethernet

Voltaire’s scale-out 10Gb Ethernet offerings enable users to benefit from a far more scalable, lower latency, and virtualized fabric with lower overall fabric costs and power consumption, greater efficiencies, and simplified management than traditional 10 Gb Ethernet fabrics.

Instead of using many hierarchical switching tiers that are constrained by the performance of its root, the Voltaire approach allows greater scalability while guaranteeing higher performance, simpler management, and lower costs. For a customer building a 1000 node data center, this approach delivers 10X lower latency and 4X faster core performance for half the price, using 3X less power than alternative solutions.

Customers and Partners

Used by more than 30 percent of the Fortune 100 and other premier organizations across many industries, including many of the TOP500 supercomputers, Voltaire products are included in cluster and blade server offerings from Bull, HP, IBM, NEC, Rackable, SGI, and Sun and provide the internal server-to-storage connectivity for the HP-Oracle Database Machine.

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