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Silicom, Ltd. (SILC)
Silicom Connectivity Solutions, a part of Israelís RAD group, is an industry-leading provider of high-performance server/appliances networking solutions. The Company's flagship products include a variety of multi-port 10GB and Gigabit Ethernet, copper and fiber-optic, server adapters and innovative BYPASS adapters designed to increase throughput and availability of server-based systems, security appliances and other mission-critical gateway applications. Underlying all Silicom solutions are proprietary, leading-edge hardware and software technologies developed internally by an experienced, cross-disciplinary team of connectivity specialists. Silicomís customer base includes giants in a variety of industries, some of which have been working with Silicom for more than 10 years, demonstrating a high level of confidence and satisfaction in Silicomís advanced products and extraordinary support. Recommendations from these top-tier customers are available on request.

Silicomís Advantages and added value consist of the following:
  • We are a Server Adapters Cards house. This is our only business. We excel in this business and its associated technology.
  • We consider ourselves to be the best in terms of signal integrity.
  • Working with us is not a one time deal. Our roadmap, includes additional cards which might be advantageous to any user of Server Adapters.
  • We believe we have the widest selection of cards.
  • We sell our cards to many customers. Cards will not be only for a specific customer. This takes care of any upside in deliveries, end of life issues, etc.
  • Our only business model is based on working with OEMs. This makes our support to our OEMs outstanding. We work with our OEMs to conclude the integration of our cards in their system. Our OEMs have direct access to the developers of the cards. If necessary, our teams will work with the OEM on site to resolve any issue which may come up.
  • We maintain strict configuration management for our OEMs. No change is exercised unless AUTHORIZED by the OEM.
  • We are well known for our Networking Cards. Our customer base include many world leaders which could serve as a reference for our capabilities.

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