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Retalix, Ltd. (RTLX)
Retalix is a global provider of integrated software solutions for the food, fuel, and consumer goods retail and distribution industries.

Retalix solutions are installed in supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, fuel stations, and quick service restaurants, as well as foodservice, grocery, convenience products, and fast moving consumer goods distribution organizations.
  • With a primary focus on the special needs of supermarkets, convenience stores, and foodservice, Retalix has unparalleled domain expertise in the food industry.
  • Retalix's deep footprint is in evidence at over 40,000 retail and distribution sites and 300,000 checkout lanes around the world.
  • With over half of the top 50 food retailers and food distributors in the U.S. using Retalix software, Retalix is recognized as the segment leader.
Retalix offers a full portfolio of software applications that automate retail, distribution, and supply chain operations.
  • Retail solutions are designed to be modular, scalable to large transaction volumes, capable of handling rapid scanning with extreme reliability, and integrating multiple store formats and hardware systems.
  • Distribution solutions integrate business management, warehouse management, customer relationship management, and supplier relationship management across an organization.
Retalix solutions simplify processes, optimize assets and drive growth throughout the supply chain - from warehouse to checkout.
  • The Retalix software portfolio consists of synchronized and personalized solutions at the store, headquarters, warehouse, and supply chain that maximize retailer and distributor operational excellence and relationships with customers, associates, and trading partners.
  • Best-in-class solutions include capabilities in the areas of point of services, retail operations management, customer relationship management, ERP and business intelligence, supplier relationship management, distribution operations management, and master data management.
  • These solutions are also synchronized across business formats, such as grocery, fuel, and foodservice, for greater consumer appeal.

With an installed base in over 50 countries and with offices worldwide, Retalix offers personalized solutions around the globe.
  • Retalix software supports multi-lingual and multi-currency organizations, and accommodates local needs for tax, compliance, and other issues.
  • For global companies, interoperability across countries enables easier centralized management, reporting, and controls.
  • Thirty percent of the world's top 50 food retailers use Retalix software.
  • Fifty percent of the US top 50 food distributors use Retalix software.

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