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RRSat Global Communications Network, Ltd. (RRST)
RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. is an experienced comprehensive world-class provider of end-to-end transmission via satellites and production services to the global broadcasting industry. Our clients include television, radio and data channels.

RRsat was founded in 1981 and operates under license from the Israeli Ministry of Communications. The company is headed by Mr. David Rivel and has two strategic partners: The Intergama Investment Group and Kardan Group - both major public holding companies traded on the TASE.

Since January 2002, RRsat has been in compliance with the ISO 9001 2000 quality standard requirements for the following activities: Uplink, downlink and turnaround services via satellites for television, radio and data channels and integration and operation of mobile and stationary uplink and downlink satellite systems.

RRsat is also a member of numerous international professional organizations. It is internationally recognized for its sophisticated and reliable technical capabilities.

RRsat provides Uplink, Downlink and Turnaround Services using Teleports, Flyaway and Transportable Uplink and Downlink Systems with dishes for C-Band, KU-Band and Ka-Band (2.4m to 32m). RRsat provides these global satellite distribution services via the most advanced digital MCPC platforms to over 500 television and radio channels, covering over 150 countries, also enabling Direct to Home (DTH) coverage.

Our services include:
  • Channel Distribution and Backhaul Services
  • Playout Services
  • Encryption, Subscriber Management System
  • Satellite Newsgathering (SNG)
  • Sports Feeds
  • Ad Hoc Content Delivery
  • Production
  • Flyaway
  • Fiber Connectivity

We also provide production support as well as numerous additional value-added capabilities which round out our comprehensive inventory of services.

Competitive Prices:

Located at the geographic midpoint of the world communications network, Israel provides a matchless location. This enables RRsat to maintain a unique global distribution platform with significantly lower outlays than its competitors. RRsat is committed to keeping administrative overheads at a minimum. These combined savings are passed on to our customers.

Personalized Service:

RRsat is a streamlined organization with a very well trained staff. Almost every one of our employees is capable of addressing your needs, inquiries and problems promptly and effectively.


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