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PROLOR Biotech, Inc. (PBTH)
Human growth hormone ($3 billion market, entering Phase II) that could potentially be injected twice per month instead of daily injections. Interferon beta for multiple sclerosis ($4.5 billion market) that may have dramatically lower side effects. Our CTP-enhanced therapeutic proteins pipeline has the potential to dominate a $25 billion market. Our products are expected have significant competitive advantage over current therapies via reduced injection frequency and lower side effects. Our products will:
  • Dramatically reduce the number of interventions required to achieve the same therapeutic effect from the same dosage; e.g. reduce the number of injections needed from a daily schedule to weekly.
  • Gain extended patent protection as proprietary new formulations of existing therapies;
  • Achieve faster commercialization with lower risks and costs than those typically associated with a new therapeutic protein; and
  • Be manufactured using industry standard biotechnology based protein production processes.
PROLOR Biotech's offices and R&D facilities are in Israel, located in the Weizmann Science Park, Nes-Ziona.

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