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Orbotech, Ltd. (ORBK)
Virtually Every Electronic Device in the World Is Produced Using Orbotech Systems

The world of high-tech is a demanding one. The speed of change is rapid - the uncertainty substantial. Its players face relentless pressure in delivering innovative technological solutions, while ensuring the highest quality and providing the fastest turnaround at the most competitive price. Against this backdrop Orbotech excels and is the sure choice for those aspiring to minimize risk and achieve stability, while moving forward. Orbotech's proven track record and our passion for technology enable manufacturers to meet their most demanding goals time after time.

What We Do

Orbotech designs, develops, manufactures, markets and services automated optical inspection (AOI) systems for bare PCBs, FPDs, and imaging solutions for PCB production. Our innovative AOI, imaging and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM and Engineering) technologies enable electronic manufacturers to achieve the increased yields and throughput essential for retaining their leading positions at the forefront of electronics production. In addition, we are also engaged in the development and manufacturing of specialized application products for the nuclear medical imaging industry. Our subsidiary, Orbograph Ltd., develops and markets automatic check reading software to banks and other financial institutions.

How and Where We Do It

More than a quarter of Orbotech's 1,600 employees are scientists and engineers. Our expert, multidisciplinary teams possess the advanced know-how necessary for developing and providing advanced solutions and technologies designed to meet electronic manufacturers' long-term needs for achieving competitive success in their specific markets.

We maintain our headquarters and primary research, development and manufacturing facilities in Israel, with more than 30 other offices located around the world. Our extensive network of marketing, sales and customer support teams across North America, Europe, the Pacific Rim, China and Japan deliver our company's knowledge and expertise directly to our global customers wherever they may be located.

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