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Magal Security Systems, Ltd. (MAGS)
Magal S 3 is a leading international solution provider, in the business of Security, Safety and Site Management (NASDAQ: MAGS).

Magal S3 has developed a unique set of solutions and products optimized for perimeter, outdoor and general security applications. Our turnkey solutions are typically integrated and managed by a single, sophisticated modular command and control system.

Founded as a department of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in 1969, Magal S3 opened its doors as a private company in 1984. Public offerings (NASDAQ Symbol: MAGS) were made in 1993, 1997 and 2005. Magal S3 has manufacturing and R&D organizations in the USA, Canada and Israel as well as project management facilities in Mexico, UK, Germany, Romania and the Far East.

Magal S3's consolidated revenues in 2007 were US$ 72 M.

Magal S3 delivers S3 solutions by working with large system integrators to provide a focused and professional subset to their larger projects, as well as delivering turnkey solutions directly to customers whereby the technology developed and integrated by Magal S3 fits a specific customer requirement. Magal S3 works through its local offices and/or partners worldwide to deliver services, support and implementation.

Our S3 solutions enable effective real-time deterrence, detection and delay of intruders that give S3 teams the ability to diagnose, decide and defeat threats and manage their sites efficiently.


Magal S3 serves a wide range of vertical markets which includes but is not limited to: airports, seaports, railway stations, borders, correctional institutions, municipalities, nuclear and utility facilities.

Magal S3 has installations at thousands of sites worldwide.

Offering a total solution

Our S3 solutions leverage unique home-grown technologies developed by Magal S3 over the last 35 years. These include: smart barriers and fences, fence mounted detectors, virtual gates, buried and concealed detection systems, as well as a sophisticated protection package for sub-terrain intrusion detection. Magal S3's CCTV, IVA and VMD solutions are at the leading edge of current state-of-the-art technologies. In some cases, Magal S3 modifies third party products with specific capabilities to address high-end market segments.

Our flexible Command and Control systems capture and interface to any type of sensor and most third party systems. Situation awareness displays are built around GIS maps, with an enhanced 2D and 3D real time graphic layer, full video integration and event-driven tools for decision making support. Mobile displays have bi-directional communication and enable a complete synchronous operation by first responders in the field.

Quality and performance ensured

Magal S3's robust solutions operate under extreme weather conditions and provide a very high probability of detection, while maintaining the lowest possible number of false and nuisance alarms. Our systems are extremely reliable, easily maintained and offer an affordable life-cycle cost.

Support built-into the solution

Magal S3 offers complete technical support for the life of its systems which includes: system design, site planning, project management, on-site installation, commissioning, training, documentation, maintenance and post sales support.

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