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Ituran Location and Control, Ltd. (ITRN)
Ituran is the leading company in its field, providing tracking and advanced protection services for vehicles and drivers. Ituran specializes in theft prevention and vehicle location, and the provision of information services, navigation and assistance while on the road. Ituranís system is powered by a unique advanced technology developed originally to locate pilots in difficulty, later adapted for civilian use.

Over the years since its founding in 1994, Ituran has developed a strong reputation, and is in fact the leading company globally providing tracking, protection and communication services to vehicles and drivers. Ituran has more than 500,000 customers that it faithfully serves from its service bases in Israel, Argentina, Brazil and the United States. The company also licenses and supports its technology to service providers in China and South Korea. Ituran has been traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market since 2005.

In Israel, Ituran operates a 50-store network across the country to sell and install Ituran systems, protection systems and Ituran GPS systems.

Ituran also operates a customer service division that supports vehicles and drivers. This division operates 24 hours a day, and employs more than 200 service representatives who staff three call centers:

Operational control center:

Locates and follows a vehicle from the moment of receipt of a theft attempt until its return to its owner.

Customer service coordination:

Responds to customer queries at all times on all subjects.

Ituran BIG service coordination:

Provides a wide variety of road services, including personal navigation assistance, and information and comfort services.

Enforcement system Ė The operational strength of Ituran: Ituranís enforcement system numbers more than 60 field personnel, demobilized from combat units. This experienced operating force, deployed across Israel, undertakes its complex activities with one aim: deterring and preventing vehicle thefts. The system is supported by vehicles that match the type of theft and field conditions, among them 4 x 4s and motorcycles.

The enforcement system provides an effective response to reports of attempted thefts, starting from Ituranís national control center through hands-on activity in select areas: observation points, ambushes and broad intelligence services with the full cooperation of official security services. Ituranís customers benefit from our 90 percent success rate in frustrating thefts. To date, Ituran has successfully prevented or resolved the theft of more than 16,150 vehicles with a total value of more than $1 billion.

Ituran has several subsidiaries...

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