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Fundtech, Ltd. (FNDT)
Fundtech was founded in 1993 and is a leading provider of software products and services to banks of all sizes around the world. The company develops transaction banking solutions that automate activities such as payments, cash management, settlement, liquidity management, and the financial supply chain. Our products improve operational efficiency and provide greater competitiveness to banks through innovative business-to-business services.

Fundtech has over 1,000 clients worldwide, with 50 of the worlds’ leading banks across EMEA, The Americas, and Asia-Pacific. In addition to offering software products through licensing, Fundtech operates an ASP in North America for payments and cash management services; and operates one of the world’s largest SWIFT Service Bureaus in EMEA supporting more than 100 financial institutions.

A key component to Fundtech’s success has been our ability to anticipate customer needs and capitalize on our understanding of industry trends. As e-commerce continues to shape the world, financial institutions and corporations will need to deploy integrated electronic transactions platforms that link their internal systems to one another. The result will be greater efficiency in the total financial relationship between them, including document management, transactions, and settlement.
Fundtech is leading this emerging field of financial supply chain services, which offers major cost savings to corporations and vast improvements in the working capital management to both sides of a business transaction. For banks, these services create deeper client relationships and additional fee-generating services. Our vision is to expand the traditional role of banks to include participation in the financial relationships between commercial trading partners. We refer to this as end-to-end-to-end or E2E2 products and services.

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