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D. Medical Industries, Ltd. (DMED)

We are a medical device company, engaged through our subsidiaries in the entire life cycle of research, development, manufacturing and sales of innovative solutions for diabetes treatment and drug delivery. Additionally, through our subsidiary NextGen Biomed Ltd., we invest in select medical device prominent opportunities.


Tirat Carmel, Israel


More than 50 employees

Business Units

The common thread in everything we do is our goal of developing superior performance delivery solutions to the huge mass of people who need it at an affordable price.

Insulin pumps We manufacture and sell insulin pumps for people with diabetes. Our first generation insulin pump, ADI, is being sold in select markets in Europe. We are also completing development of a unique patch pump which will dramatically change the business model of insulin pumps and is designed for the convenience and ease of use of patients.

Disposables and infusion sets We develop universally compatible insulin infusion sets )luer lock) as well as cartridges and infusion sets specifically for the Adi insulin pump. Our LightyDD offers an auto retractable and fully hidden needle with a simple one step inserter. It also has a unique detachment detection mechanism to alert the user in case of infusion set detachment. The LightyDD infusion set is commercially available in select markets in Europe.

Continuous Glucose Monitor We are developing a unique continuous glucose monitor will prove to be highly accurate and will significantly reduce the amount of finger stick calibration that is needed. The goal is to develop a continuous glucose monitor and an insulin pump on the same single patch.


Numerous patent applications and some patent approvals worldwide demonstrate our commitment to continuous innovation. We focus our R&D efforts on products that make a difference and provide access to superior technologies.

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