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ClickSoftware Technologies, Ltd. (CKSW)
Founded by Dr. Moshe BenBassat, a former university professor, ClickSoftware has its roots in academia. From its early history onward, ClickSoftware has been the recognized leader in driving decision-making processes and helping service organizations get the most out of their resources.

In 1996, ClickSoftware coined the concept of “service chain optimization” as an analogy to supply chain optimization. Recently, we were awarded a US Patent for this concept of continuous planning and scheduling.

Service Chain Optimization is:
  • having the right resources in the right places at the right times.
  • a decision-making process consisting of several interrelated links that affect the day of service but that use the information that was available to you at that time.
  • about getting the most productivity from your resources at the lowest cost, while sticking to the goals of your service business.
Today ClickSoftware offers a full range of workforce management and service optimization solutions, as well as a host of implementation, educational, and support services all aimed at helping service organizations complete more calls per day, week, month, and year. Job completion is the lifeblood of any service organization, and ClickSoftware's technology and expertise are at the heart of the most successful service operations around the world.

ClickSoftware's customers represent a cross-section of leaders in the utilities, communications, computer and office equipment, home services, and capital equipment industries and many other industries. Well over 150 customers around the world have employed ClickSoftware solutions and services to achieve the highest level of performance across their service business.

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