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B Communications Ltd. (BCOM)
B Communications Ltd. is an Israeli corporation focused on the telecommunications industry. Its shares are traded on the Nasdaq Global Market and the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange under the symbol BCOM.

B Communications Ltd.ís asset is its controlling interest (approximately 30.41% ) in Bezeq The Israel Telecommunication Corp, Ltd.(TASE:BZEQ), Israelís incumbent telecommunications group.

Bezeq is Israelís largest telco group with a clear leadership position. It is active in Israelís mobile voice, internet services, international long distance (ILD) services, multichannel pay TV and other segments.

Bezeqís shares are traded only on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. The fact that the shares of BCOM, Bezeqís controlling shareholder, and IGLD, BCOMís controlling shareholder, are listed on the Nasdaq Global Market, positions BCOM and IGLD as vehicles for U.S. investors interested in making an investment in Bezeq.
B Communications is an approximately 75%-owned subsidiary of Internet Gold, a telecommunications group which is controlled by Eurocom Communications. Internet Goldís shares are traded on the Nasdaq Global Market (Nasdaq: IGLD) and the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: IGLD), and its share price is tracked as part of the TA-100 index.

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